About Me

Welcome to World of Gauche,

My name is Chris Khatschadourian, and this is how I describe myself on Social Media: “Decent human being from 9 to 5. Philosopher during Happy Hour. Nihilist at night.” 

What I Do:
I have a degree in English Literature and I work for one of the most prominent digital agencies in the Middle East. Most of my work revolves around startups, entrepreneurs, and mobile apps. I like it, and the future looks promising.
I also teach creative writing at Fade In Beirut, and this is something I really enjoy doing. It’s fun, and I get to meet a lot of creative people.
When I am not working, I am an artist (I paint sometimes) and a performer (I am the front-man of the Lebanese Shock Rock band In Sanity Q).

What This Blog Is About:
I have no idea. The plan is to share good stuff you can easily digest.

Twitter: @khatschadourian
Instagram: @khatschadourian